Dear Little Miss Lemon,

I was gonna tell you I have this lemon and share it with you like we usually do.

But its kind of complicated, how this lemon turns out, so I hope you hear me out.

See I have this friend, that I kinda just am getting to know. She’s nice and real and easy to talk to. She’s my lemon.

Lately, she’s been really busy and tired, and I don’t really know how to help her. That’s the sourness of our lemon. We used to talk daily, when she wasn’t busy. Now she’s moving on I guess, with her life and I’m glad that she is, but I’m left thinking how it’d go if we’re still texting regularly now.

She’s also been saying that maybe we can’t be friends because we’re both broken, that’s the bitterness of our lemon. I don’t really know about this, since I think knowing about each other’s lemon-ness and lemon baskets kind of put us in a nicer place than most of my friends. But its bitter that we can’t meet.

But its the sweet part I adore the most, given our lemons. Its how we can talk to each other and joke and pile on and her voice when she’s trying to talk when she cries over the phone that I really can’t understand but its cute but I can’t laugh because she’s crying. Its about that awkwardness we’d definitely have if we ever met but the exciting awkward like the way you don’t want to mess up with this girl you kinda like talking to. Its the way I want to make her definitely happy, so I make a song and a rap or just tell her amazing things to the depths of my vocabulary and ability.

Its that desire to see you. Even appreciating that brief moment I did see you out of serendipity. I’m kinda hoping on fate to give us a chance to meet again.

I wanna be cool about it, because I’m an idiot, but she has really been a big part of my not-sadness as opposed to my real sadness and I think that I really still want her to be part of it.

So, little miss lemon, would you kindly honour me with your sweetness once again?


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